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*J-Term Deadline is November 26
Saturday, November 16, 2013
Department:Dean of Faculty
Trinity’s new January-Term, set to take place this January, is part of a three-year pilot program that will allow students to enroll in a half-credit course. Working closely with a faculty member in a small class setting, students can explore a broad range of innovative topics. Classes will typically meet over 20 hours, between January 6 – 17, on and off campus. Registration will take place November 11-26. Visit the J-Term website for full details.
·       Delve into the culture, conflict, and competition of sports in the United States
(Prof. Robin Sheppard)
·       Take a closer look at Hartford, visiting historical and cultural sites around the city, then develop photographic, video, and written presentations
(Prof. Robert Peltier)
·       Explore the complexities of reproductive justice in America, including a trip to a national advocacy organization in NYC
(Prof. Theresa Morris)
·       Discover the rich kaleidoscope of music in the 1960’s – including the Beatles, Motown, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and music in protest movements (Prof. Gail Woldu)
·       Studying in Nicaragua, undertake a comparison of health care access and inequalities in the Americas
(Prof. Sarah Raskin)
·       Participate in an experimental hybrid course, using The Godfather films to study “the art of hard choices”
(Prof. John Alcorn)
·       Leading up to the summer World Cup in Brazil, explore the interplay of soccer with race and nationalism around the world
(Prof. Luis Figueroa)
·       Enroll in a workshop where you can write creative nonfiction drawing on your experiences of place
(Prof. Irene Papoulis)
·       Learn about the social, political, and racial context underlying the story retold in the his musical Parade
(Prof. Gerald Moshell)
Space is limited, so enroll early.
For more information, contact one of the professors listed, the Registrar’s Office, or Dean Sonia Cardenas.
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*J-Term Deadline is November 26 
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*J-Term Deadline is November 26 
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