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*Advance Registration for Spring 2014 Semester, November 11-18
Saturday, November 16, 2013
Jamil Ragland
To view the Schedule of Classes and other important information, please go to:
Please note the following guidelines and processes.
1.    Know your TCOnline ID & password before your appointment (this is the same as your Trinity E-mail ID & password).
2.    Check your registration appointment on TCOnline.
3.    Don’t try to register online before you appointment begins! Your appointment begin time is the earliest time you may register on the first day of your appointment, but you can register anytime during the appointment through 6:00 p.m. on November 18.
4.    Check enrollments in the courses in which you are interested prior to your appointment. This will help you to avoid wasting time trying to enroll in courses that are closed.
5.    To enroll in a class for which you do not meet the conditions of enrollment (i.e. prerequisite courses, class year, major), submit a completed Course Override/Exception Form to the Registrar’s Office by the last day of Advance Registration.
6.    You need not be full-time by the end of Registration. Therefore, please do not enroll in courses you do not intend to keep on your schedule simply because you believe you must have at least 4.0 credits at this time.
7.    You may not enroll in more than 5.75 credits.
Note for Students on Study Abroad: Plan to use TCOnline for registration. Don’t forget to contact your advisor via e-mail with your course choices prior to your Enrollment Appointment. Your advisor must release your hold before you can register online. Obtain PINs from faculty teaching courses requiring permission prior to your appointment. If you cannot access TCOnline from Abroad, you may mail or e-mail your course choices to your advisor. Your advisor should then forward the e-mail, with his/her approval, to
For detailed instructions on how to register online, please go to:
When you are searching for classes, the green circle means it is open, the blue box means it is closed, and the yellow triangle means that the course is closed but has an online waitlist available.  If you wish to add your name to that waitlist, you will check the box “Wait list if class is full” when adding the course to your shopping cart.  
You can place yourself on a maximum of two online waitlists, and the waitlisted courses will show along with your enrolled courses in your class schedule.   However, being on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee that a seat will become available, so please make appropriate plans for back-up courses.
If you are already on two waitlists and wish to change to a different one, you can swap just as you would for enrolling in classes.  The online waitlists do have a maximum cap, and once that cap is reached, the status will show the blue “closed” box.
Instructors will monitor their online waitlists and contact students as seats become available.  If you are contacted, the instructor will give you a PIN or a course override form that allows you to enroll. 
For more information on the waitlist procedure, you can go to the Registrar’s Office Website and select the document “Waitlist Instructions.”
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